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6 Types of Onions and How to Use Them

6 Types of Onions


White onions

  • Even though they’re pungent and they still make you tear up when you cut into then
  • They’re easier to eat raw than a yellow onion.
  • Their slightly sweet taste adds to fresh salsas
  • That’s why they’re great as a burger topping and in salads.


Yellow Onions

  • Yellow onions are the most versatile.
  • They deliver the most flavor when caramelizing
  • It can saute them with (or without) garlic as the base of several dishes.
  • It can be overpowering when eaten raw, so leave your burger toppings to the job of a white onion.


Red onions

  • High sugar content taste great in potato salads and on tacos.
  • The sugar also makes them a decent candidate for caramelizing, though it will deliver a slightly different flavor than yellow onions.
  • Red onions are ubiquitous on salads, sandwiches and other raw preparations partly because of their appealing deep-purple color.


Green onions

  • Green onion is popular in Chinese and Mexican cuisine.
  • They’re flimsier, and they aren’t going to caramelize.
  • They make a great raw garnish on pasta and rice dishes, and they can be really tasty when mixed with other salad greens.


Sweet onions

  • Sweet onions, as you may have guessed, are sweet.
  • They have less sulfur than other varieties
  • That why they don’t have quite as much punch.
  • They have a slightly different shape as well, flatter and more oval than round.



  • Shallots have a mild onion flavor.
  • These bulb-shaped alliums taste like a garlic-onion hybrid.
  • While their flavor is more subtle, they still bring a crisp, sharp taste to your dishes.