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Advantage of Using Non-Stick Cookware

Non-Stick Coating Cookware


Benefit of using non-stick cookware

  • Reduce chances of food sticks and burns, in result that your meals will turn out better.
  • Easier for the cook – you don’t have to spend as much time stirring or turning the food.
  • It requires less cooking oil or fat to prevent sticking, which leads to healthier cooking.
  • Great for use with fried or breaded food items that could otherwise break apart in the pan.
  • Easier for inexperienced cooks, or those who may be distracted during cooking by phone calls, work, or children.
  • Easy clean-up, since food doesn’t burn onto the pan.


How to maintain your non-stick cookware

  • Preheating your pan, always make sure there is something in it, whether that’s oil or butter.
  • Placing non-stick cookware near other metal or abrasive objects risks scratching your non-stick surface.
  • Avoid taking a hot pan and placing it in cool water. The resulting thermal shock can cause warping and/or the non-stick finish to peel.
  • Use wood and silicone utensils to protect and prolong your non-stick coating.
  • Always recommend hand washing non-stick cookware. Do not place your non-stick pan in the dishwasher.