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  • DESSINI Tornado PRO Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filter
  • Applicable models: Compatible with DESSINI Tornado V2, V3, V4 PRO
  • High-density HEPA filter can remove up to 99.97% of microscopic dust particles 
  • Eliminate fine dust, dirt, sawdust, cold ashes, wood chips, fine powders, job site debris.
  • Effectively prevent dust particles from entering the vacuum cleaner.
  • Can be used repeatedly
  • Able to wash and clean it under running water and dry it for next use.
  • Reinstall the filter after dry completely if you washed it.
  • Regularly cleaning and washing filter system helps to ensure stable suction and maintain the service life of the vacuum cleaner 
  • Over time, the filters become dirty and clogged and replacement is necessary. 
  • It is recommended to replace it every 9 months.
  • A good bit of suction power returns to the machine after replace a new filter.
  • DESSINI Pressure Cooker Silicone Sealing Ring – 6L / 8L
  • It has high elasticity to ensure efficient sealing and safe cooking
  • Stretchy rubber makes it easy to fix on the pressure cooker cover
  • Seal perfectly, no food odor mixed anymore 
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Detachable and easy to clean
  • High temperature resistance and wear resistance
  • Suitable for many brands 6L and 8L pressure cooker
  • Material: Food grade silicone  
  • Gaskets color: Semi transparent
  • Please measure inner diameter of your old gasket or inner diameter pot of your pressure cooker (not lid) 
  • DESSINI Cover Knob Handle Set
  • Comfortable to grip, simple and easy to install
  • Heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, insulating surface and dishwasher safe material
  • Adapt to the size of the hand, suitable for pot lids with a hole spacing of 0.5-1.5cm.
  • The installation parts of the lid handle include non-slip mat and metal pads. 
  • These parts can relieve impact, increase friction, increase the force area and make the lid handle stronger
  • Plastic gasket can protect the lid and will not leave scratches on the glass lid due to long-term contact and friction.
  • Widely application, it fits most lids with single mounting hole
  • Suitable for many kinds of cookware lids such as frying pan, pot, saucepan, kettle and so on
  • DESSINI glass lid with stainless steel edge for easy monitoring
  • Dome shape for better heat and moisture retention
  • Steam vent allows excess steam to escape
  • Round edges do not scratch your hands
  • Lid is protected by a stainless-steel rim
  • High permeability toughened glass, capable of withstanding high temperatures
  • Stays cool insulating handle comfortable to grip and easy handling
  • Food grade tempered glass and dishwasher safe material
  • Suitable for many kinds of cookware such as frying pan, pot, saucepan, wokpan and so on
  • Please measure inner diameter of the pot